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At Finance district, we believe that a bad credit history should not stand in the way of your accessing a loan and so we go the extra mile to make sure you get the cash you need, when you need it and with the least amount of difficulty possible. While the application processes of most of our competitors are very stressful, full of hidden charges, and with very rigid payment terms, we do our best to make sure that our process is as simple and seamless as possible. Our priority is our customers because we love a happy customer, after all it’s because of you, that we are here.
So what does cash advance mean?
If you’re hoping to receive any form of cash payment in the near future, but you presently need some cash to pay some bills, you can have a lender advance you some cash to meet your needs. Finance district makes getting a cash advance very easy, and all payments are transferred directly into your bank account, in six hours or less!
Cash Advance Basics
Getting a loan from a bank is a lot more difficult than getting a cash advance. Bank loans usually take up to weeks, but cash advance loan applications are sorted out very quickly. Applying for a cash advance loan will only take you a few minutes, and you get your cash a lot sooner than you would with traditional bank loans.
Why get a Cash Advance
Emergencies occur, and when they do, a cash advance can really be helpful. We’re all not able to save up money for the rainy days. Getting a cash advance online will help you take care of your cash emergency while still paying your rent, car loan and all your order bills.
Cash Advance Loans Makes Your Budget Planning More Flexible
If there’s no wiggle-room between your income and your expenses, cash advance loans can offer an added cushion, when planning out your monthly budget thereby providing you a sense of relief and comfort. When your income leaves you with no room for error, a cash advance will help you accommodate unforeseen bills and expenses.
Cash Advance Online Loans compared to traditional loans
There are two major advantages of Cash advance loans over normal traditional loans, which are; firstly the loans are not usually secured and you will get approved even if you have a bad credit. This implies that even if you are currently not earning much and your credit history is not good, you still get these short term cash loans approved to meet up with any of your financial emergencies.
Use your Cash Advance Loans Wisely
Use your cash advance loans to save yourself money on overdraft and late payment charges. Cash advance loans can also be used to promote your credit ratings by using it to meet up with your payments once they fall due.
How it works
Once you and your cash advance lender have been able to reach an agreement, the money is then deposited directly into your bank account. You just have to fill out a simple application form and the money will be deposited into your account in no time!
Don’t let unforeseen expenses add avoidable stress to your life. The solution is only a few clicks away.
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Why we’re Different
Most companies that give these short term loans have a notorious reputation. Almost every week, there is a report in the newspapers of at least one of them engaging in unwholesome business practices. You should do your best to avoid the sharks out there. As for us, our team of lenders are very responsible. Our primary motive goes beyond profit; we seek to satisfy our customers because we believe in sustained business relationships. While we hope that our customers will need our services only once, we want to make sure that if ever there is a further need for our services, you won’t hesitate to come back to us because of our excellent customer relations.
It is in our bid to respond to people’s complaints about other loan firms that led to the creation of Finance District. We noticed that the complaints were similar and recurring; customers want a loan company that will provide them fast and simple loan packages that would not require taking out additional loans to refinance former loans. And Finance District was born.
Our Application process is fast and simple
The essence of a cash advance loan is to get it as quickly as possible. Most of our customers are from different spheres of the society and most have alternative options to access credit, but choose to go for cash advance loans because they are quick and easy to access. There are so many loan lenders who are yet to grasp that this is the concept of cash advance loans, hence they make their application process very cumbersome, dragging it on for days before they eventually pay out the money. Some even falsely advertise that they offer no credit check loans when they don’t! With us, you don’t get any phone calls or fax notes, you just fill out a simple application form online and select the amount of money you want to borrow and viola, we connect you to the best lenders.

Our Loans are Flexible
If you only need maybe $200 for your water bill or $400 for your rent, then you shouldn’t have to borrow $1000. Our loan service is flexible so you can choose to borrow the exact amount of money that you need.
If you’re expecting your paycheck in a week, then there is no need to take out a month long loan, you can borrow for exactly the length of time you are able to pay back within a month. By selecting an exact number of days, you get to save yourself some reasonable amount of money compared to our competitors who often insist on a minimum loan tenor of 30 days.
What are no credit check loans?
A no credit check loan simply implies that you will not be credit checked during the application process, hence it will not reflect on your credit history. Lenders offering this type of loans will only do a 'soft search' of your credit status just to verify that the information you have provided are correct.
So you don’t have to worry about other financial cash advance looking through your credit records later on only to discover that you have previously taken cash advance loans or that you defaulted on some of these loans.
No Hassles - Guaranteed!
We know that you won’t find a loan service that is better than Finance district. In as little as 15 minutes, you could receive payments and there are no hidden charges involved. Our simplified online application forms make the entire process a lot easier for our customers, and once your application is received, we will we will connect with our panel of lenders.
Different Loans for Different occasions
It doesn’t matter why you need the loan, we will help you out.
Quick Cash deposits
No hidden fees
Application process 100% online
Available for 365 days in a year
Even during holidays
No phone calls
Over 20+ Panel of lenders

Our commitment
We remain dedicated to honoring our contract terms and handling your personal banking details and your scheduled payments with the utmost professionalism and care.
We ensure that your personal details are kept secure on our computers with military grade security. The only people who have access are our employees, so you don’t have to worry about your personal details being sold to third parties.
Our experience with handling personal and confidential client details spans across a number of years. Because we know that your information is important, we train all our staff strictly thoroughly and verify all our scheduled transactions. We guarantee that you won’t have anything to worry about once you submit your application.

How Does It Work?
Apply for a cash advance with Finance District in three simple steps!
1. Select the amount of money you’ll need and for how long you’ll need it.
2. Fill out the short application form.
3. Find a lender and receive payments.
It’s that easy!

The Application Process
Our application process is fast and simple. Opt for a Finance District cash advance today. You won’t need to send us any email or fax any documents to us. The entire process is done 100% online and wouldn’t take you up to 5 minutes and, your information is completely safe and secure with us. Just complete the application and click on the submit button.
In no more than 15 minutes, one of our Finance District Cash advance Specialists will reach out to you with your loan details. Our loan specialists are very proficient in helping you find the best cash advance loans available. So why wait? Get that money you need today!
We treat our clients with very high esteem and we understand their need for cash advance loans in the shortest time possible. We all cash advances every now and then to help us hold the pieces together before the next payday.

It’s quick! It’s easy! How much money do you need today?

Frequently Asked Questions
How does the process work?
All you have to do is to fill out a simple application form online. The second you hit on the submit button, it takes about 3 minutes to receive a decision. Once your application is approved, you will be redirected to the website of the approving lender and there you’ll get to see the applicable interest rates, terms of payment, etc. From this point, you can either choose to accept the loan or not accept the loan, even if you have earlier received approval.
Is an online application safe?
Yes, we adopt military grade encryption standard to encrypt your details.
Is my information secure?
We guard our customer’s information very secretly and only reveal it when we are connecting you with a lender, or in accordance with our terms of service and privacy policy, and products of other third party. Meaning that the minute you are connected to a lender, you will be bound by the privacy policy, terms and conditions and other policies of the lender.
How long does the application process last?
Filling out the form takes only about 2-5 minutes and processing it doesn’t take any longer than 3 minutes after that.
How long do I have to wait for the money?
Yes, your funds will be deposited into your account almost immediately, sometimes as soon as the next business day. In the end, it depends on your lender.
Will my application reflect on my credit?
Cash advance lenders mostly use their own evaluation criteria, which is based almost entirely on your level of income and your capacity to repay the loan, and also, your payment history from a previous lender of cash advance loans.
Do I require direct deposit?
Most lenders prefer a direct deposit of your paycheck. You are therefore required to have an active checking or savings account so as to receive direct deposit of the loan proceeds.
Do I need to pay any application fee?
Finance District doesn’t ask you for any fee before you can fill out an application form online. Traditionally, most lenders won’t charge you that either.
How many lenders gain access to my application?
We usually forward applications received to as many lenders as we can to provide our customers with the best chance of getting an approval. However, this also depends on your qualifications. If your income is much lower, or maybe there are other factors that may hinder your approval, then we send to as many lenders as possible so that you stand the best chance of getting an approval.
Do I get disqualified if I am bankrupt?
Most times, a bankruptcy will not hinder your access to this type of loan. Most times, lenders don’t even do a check on your credit history before they provide you with a personal, cash advance.

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Our team looks past the odd missed bill & have built our technology to understand your situation as a whole. Your credit score isn't a deciding factor.

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Our team of finance wizards contact every bank in the country. When we provide you with an offer, you know it's the very best offer on the market.

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Using the power of technology our communication capabilities with our banking partners are next level and that's how we deliver incredible service & speed to our clients day and night.

Delivering incredible results to our clients by partnering with leading business and finance institutions.

Our service works. Period.

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