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We have added a list of questions and answers that we get asked via email, please have a look to see if we have your question answered already, if not please feel free to Contact Us and we will get back to you with 24 hours, Thanks for visiting Finance District, your online money shop in New Zealand!

Frequently Asked Cash / Personal Loan Questions

The interest rates we are able to get for our clients Personal Loan applications varies depending on each specific client's financial situation.

If you're able to provide a vehicle or home as security, have a guarantor to go in on the loan with you can affect your interest rate.

Every client is unique, and every interest rate we're able to source is unique. 

Yes, you can.

A clients Personal Loan application gets declined for various reasons if your financial situation has improved since you last applied for a Personal Loan at Finance District then feel free to re-apply for a loan application.

However, if your financial situation is in large part consistent from when your loan application was declined, it's best to wait.

Due to recent changes in New Zealand Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Act, we can only accept Photo ID's when processing your Personal Loan application.

That includes Drivers license, 18+ Card & Passport.

We won't be able to process your loan application if you're unable to provide a form of Photo ID.

We work with our banking partners immediately after you've submitted all of your documentation, we usually get a decision within 48 hours.

This is a great question, most if not all will look at your original loan asking price to make their judgement on whether they can approve or deny your loan application.

However, they'll also look at your income and expenses to get an understanding of how much could you potentially afford and offer you a loan amount that could work.

Thus, it's definitely possible to ask for a lesser amount.

The majority of the time we are unable to get clients Personal Loan applications funded due to the following reasons:

  • Affordability - based on your bank statements if we can see that you don't have any money left at the end of the week to easily afford re-payments on a loan, then we can't get your loan approved.
  • Gambling - if we can see you withdraw money from gambling institutions then it becomes very difficult to convince a bank to lend you money.
  • Dishonour fees - if we can you see you have several dishonour fees on your bank statements it's virtually impossible to get your Personal Loan funded. Dishonours show that you're not able to pay your immediate financial commitments if you can't pay them then how can you pay off a Personal Loan.
  • Employment cycle - if you've only been at your current job less than a year and you were at your last job for less than a year; it shows that you're not in stable employment. Banks get nervous and that you may not stay in your job long enough to pay back their loan.
  • Home living - like above, if you've been at your current home for less than a year and you've been at your previous address for less than a year; it makes banks nervous because it shows you're not in a stable home/employment. If you're having trouble with your living situation then you may not prioritise repaying back your loan.

Why loans get declined can be one or a combination of the above.

Yes you can.

We work with banking partners that look beyond the simple credit score and see if a client can afford to pay back the loan.

Affordability is key, are you able to make the minimum re-payments easily.

That's it, it helps if you have a vehicle or home to use as security or guarantor to go in on the loan with you.

Absolutely, once we start working with a banking partner to get your loan funded we'll send through an email that'll include that specific banking partners phone number - you can give them a call to get a full update on your loan application.

After you've submitted all of your information through to us our team is working to get your loan approved if you haven't heard back from us - it means we're still working with our banking partners.

Once we've confirmed we have approved your personal loan application or declined your personal loan application - we'll notify you via email.

Once our Finance Broking team knows whether your Persona Loan application has been approved or declined we'll send through and email letting you know.

Once you've sent through all of your documentation our team gets to work talking with our banking partners to get your personal loan funded.

We may call you (or our banking partners) to request additional documents however do know we're working to do everything we can to get your loan funded.

Once you've sent through all of your documentation that we need when clients apply for a Personal Loan, our team gets to work immediately contacting banks.

Our banking partners get back to us within 48 hours whether or not they can approve your loan.

Frequently Asked Car Loan Questions

To apply for Car Finance click on the link below and go through the application process, every step of the way we'll keep you informed and ask for any more information we may need:

All of our clients details are kept confidential and is kept secure, you will only be contacted by the approved lender for your car loan, please make sure you enter in the correction details when applying online as this information will help determine your approval for the car loan.   Please contact us if you need help on applying online.

If you're unable to make a payment on your car loan, let the banking partner we've connected you with know; so you'll be able to set up a payment plan to catch up.

Honesty is the best route forward, once all parties understand your financial situation then we can all work together to create a customised plan to help you make affordable payments and keep your car.

Yes it's absolutely safe.

We take pride in ensuring each of our clients data is stored on encrypted servers and make the entire signup process safe for each client that applies.

You can get started with your car loan application here:

Not at all, you can purchase your car from anywhere you like - you just tell us how much you'd like to borrow and we'll take care of the rest.

Our clients typically purchase cars from the following places:

  • TradeMe
  • Turners
  • Auto Trader
  • Dealership
  • Private sale

We can get you the finance you need for any one of the above channels.

That's entirely up to up, you can buy through Trade Me, private or through a Dealership - it doesn't matter to us.

We're your finance partner; our job is to get you the money you need to buy your dream car - that's it, nothing more.

You can choose to purchase your car from Trade Me, Turners, Private Sale or Dealers, when you've found a car you like or you're looking to see how much you can burrow then that's when we come into play, you can apply online direct from our website on the following link:

Once we've connected you with our banking partner & you've been approved for finance to buy a new car we'll send through the contracts for you to sign.

Once we have the contracts signed, you go out and find the car you want to buy (private or through a Dealership) - our banking partner will talk directly with the buyer. 

That's it, we take care of the rest.

Car Loan and Car Finance are terms to describe the same thing - finance (money) to fund your next car purchase.

Our database of banking partners is vast and includes partners that look beyond the simple credit score and takes into account your entire financial situation.

If there's any finance broker that can get your car loan funded even if you've been denied by other finance companies - it's us.

We'll do our best to do everything we can to get your car loan funded, I suggest you go through the car loan application process and our team will get to work talking with lenders and get you behind your favourite wheels.

Click the link to get started:

We're finance brokers, which means we're not tied down to one specific interest rate.

We partner with industry leaders among the car finance lending/banking space.

Interest rates fluctuate depending on the market, your credit history (whether you've been bankrupt, multiple defaults etc.), income and other elements that describe your financial situation and whether you'll be able to pay back the loan. Every client is different and every car loan interest rate we're able to source is unique to that client.

Click the link below and get started with your car loan application today.

Once you've applied online for a car loan on our website here:  our lender will be in contact with you.

Usually the next step is to provide the lender with the following;

Photo IDs
Bank Statements
Potentially other documents such as your pay slips, utility bill etc.

From there, our lending partners will give you their rates and costs for the loan which you can decide on if you want to go ahead with the loan.

This is a great question, however the answer is unique for each client that applies through Finance District.

When working with our lending partners we're able to estimate how much money our clients can borrow for their car loan by looking at the following:

Income - how much money do you make on a regular basis
Expenses - of your total income, how much money do you have left over
Credit score - then we look at your credit score
Car value - what's the value of the car your wanting to purchase

It's a combination of each of the above elements that define how much each client can borrow to purchase their next car, we can only find out however once you've applied on our website.

We can only source car loans for clients if they're above the age of 18, however it's possible to get a car loan funded if you're under the age of 18 and use a guarantor (co-borrower) to go in on the loan with you.

You can apply, however it becomes much more difficult for you get your car loan funded, since you can't actually legally drive.

However it is possible to get a car loan while on a Learners license, apply on our website today and our team would be glad to help:

We make it our mission to get back to clients on the status of their car loan application within 48hrs.

The approval timeframe does differ based on when we can get all of the information we need from you - the sooner you're able to send through all of the information we need the sooner our team can get started working on your application.

Our lending partners usually get back to us within 48hrs, so you'll know if you've been approved within 48hrs of sending us everything we need.