About Finance District

Our goal is to solve one simple problem: make sure you can get access to money when ever you need it.

It's an ambitious goal that requires complex systems in the backend to work 100% 24/7, but the team here is just crazy obsessed about fixing this single problem and work tirelessly to remove barriers and make it as quick as possible to get money in your account.

We like to think of ourselves as a bunch of data, science and finance nerds. At one point in time someone on our team has had a tough time getting personal loans, cash loans or car finance so we know how you feel!

What we decided to do is group together and come up with a solution in one place that can deliver the following to everyone:

  • Car Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Cash Loans

The more we dive into the finance space and begin to understand how traditional bank institutions work the more we begin to understand the industry needs to be disrupted, and that's how Finance District was born.

What value do we provide?

We bridge the gap between lending institutions and you.

There is no reason you should be wasting precious time looking at every bank and going through the gruelling process of filling out applications, we believe that is barbaric, not to mention a big hit to your credit rating just for applying with banks, with us this does not happen!

So to solve the problem of how much time it takes to go through the process, we scour the entire finance industry to find the market leading institutions and do our homework to understand:

  1. What finance packages they offer.
  2. Payment terms.
  3. Interest rates.
  4. Ease of access.
  5. Speed of deposits.

We do all the work and present you the best offer and from there you can choose if you feel comfortable to go ahead with the loan application.
Thanks for visiting Finance District and we wish you all the best with your future!